Carles Torras Pérez (born 26 March 1974) is a Catalan director, producer and writer. CALLBACK (2016), his third feature, took best film (Golden Biznaga), actor and script honors at Spain’s 19th Málaga Film Festival. Earlier directing credits include OPEN24H (2011) and TRASH (2009). Production credits include AMERICAN JESUS (2013).

He studied filmmaking at the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC). Also, at Berlinale Talents, he studied under the likes of Ridley Scott, Stephen Frears, Walter Salles, Christopher Doyle and Claire Denis.

In 2007, he founded Zabriskie Films, an independent film production company based in Barcelona that produces non-fiction and narrative film. The company’s body of work has been nominated and awarded at major international film festivals worldwide.


"I am interested in characters that radically defy social conventions. They are socially ostracized and become marginalized beings. They oftentimes go mad."
"Martin and I knew that the action had to take place in New York. The forces that drive America today are a tremendous source of dramatic conflict. Our take on them — as outsiders living in America — is what ultimately became CALLBACK. The obsession of Americans with "winners" and "losers"; the importance of showcasing the "right" version of yourself in order to achieve success; and the discontent of reactionaries and radicals alike, whose version of the Dream has turned unquestionably sour."
"People in America really believe they have the power to determine their own destiny. It is this belief that fuels the want of our protagonist (Larry) and shapes his universe."